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Tria…an old Rittenhouse Favorite

Last weekend we headed out to the Rittenhouse Square area of the City to visit Tria Cafe. It was not our first time and it will definitely not be our last. Tria is an old favorite and it had been a while since we visited.  Perfect opportunity to review and see if it’s still as good as we remember.  We live outside the city and as busy moms with crazy schedules, a night like this becomes an exciting adventure.  Normally running around in our daily comfy clothes, going to the city signifies a need for a break from regular life. We get to step outside of kitchen duty and house chores and pretty up with some sexy heels, a fab outfit and a hint of make-up.  It’s important to invest a little time in yourself and feel extra good…but always do it with a splash of class.

The good thing about Tria is that while it’s a very nice, classy meets trendy type of establishment, it doesn’t have that fussy feel that you might expect at a typical wine bar. Besides wine, Tria offers a wonderful selection of speciality beers too. You will find a variety of people, from “suits” after work to 20-something-year-olds in their jeans who decided to stop in for a drink.  The host and servers are all approachable and if anything has remained intact at Tria since we were last there, it’s their service.  While we had a 30 minute wait, the hostess did whatever she could to get us seated immediately.  We were also moved to a more comfortable table. It’s a small place and they do not take reservations, so do plan on a wait, especially on a Friday night.

From past experience, we have never had a bad wine or cheese at Tria Café. While we were disappointed that our favorite cheese was no longer available, the new selections definitely made up for it. We sampled 3 (actually 4) different cheeses and 5 different wines.


First up: Brunet (Piedmont, Italy) A delicious goat cheese with a creamy, milky texture and flavor with a touch of lemon zest.

Second: Ewephoria (Friesling, Netherlands) Sheep’s milk cheese (hence the name) with a very mild crunchy texture, and traces of caramel and butterscotch flavors (hence the name…definite EWEphoria) J

Third: Bleu Du Bocage (Bocage, France) Another Goat cheese, combination of meaty, veggie and buttery flavors all in one. Though not a strong blue cheese, the combo of flavors was overwhelming and very difficult to take down, even with wine! As we slowly tried to nibble away at the cheese, our waitress came over and saved the day.  She insisted we order something else at no extra charge. Based on our tastes she recommended our final cheese…

Fourth: Brebirousse d’Argental (Argental, France) Another sheep’s milk cheese, the brie-style creamy texture and milky, buttery flavor melted away the strong flavors left behind by the Du Bocage.


First up some whites:

Verdicchio de Matlelica, Capestrano, 2010 (le Marche Italy) light, refreshing, touch of lemon and lime

Bourdeaux Blanc, Chateau Jarr, 2010 (Bordeaux, France) smooth, soft, fruity and elegant


Malbec “Reserva,” Fabre Montmayou, 2010 (Mendoza, Argentina) rich, dark, smooth, hints of chocolate and plum

Cabernet/Merlot blend “Decoy,” Duckhorn, 2010 (Napa, CA) PURE DELICIOUSNESS…on the nose, Cabernet, on the palate a Merlot beginning and Cabernet finish.

The Finale:

Bierzo “Joven”, Castro Ventosa de Valtuille, 2009 (Bierzo, Spain) fruity and flowery with a kick…Very different but hard to tell how good it was after experiencing the Cabernet/Merlot blend.

So to finish…a revisit to the Cabernet/Merlot blend…favorite of the night!

Along with their cheeses and wines we also had an old favorite: Rosemary and Fennel Marinated Olives.  You just want to lick the snack plate when you’re done! We also tried their Mixed Greens Salad with Mission Figs and Gorgonzola, as well as the Arugula with beets and goat cheese salad…both amazing…you’ll be licking the plates on these as well.  As if this meal couldn’t have been more complete, we received a complimentary Flourless Chocolate Espresso Cake with Hazelnut and Mascarpone. We were stuffed, but there’s always room for chocolate…too bad we had already finished the wine! We want to thank Tria for their generosity, hospitality and excellent service.  We have one small critique…the music was just too loud! We don’t remember that from our visits last year. It made it a little difficult to enjoy conversation over our blissful meal. We’ll be back though…and we plan on visiting the other locations very soon as well.

For locations, classes, events and more information on Tria: click here

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