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Affordable Reds for Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought to bring you some wines that we think make great and affordable gift ideas for the wine lover in your life.
We’ll be opening up this bottle tonight…
Truly Madly Deeply
Cabernet Sauvignon
North Coast, California
Average price: $12
Alcohol: 13.5%
Look out for our review soon.
We were won over by the name and quote on the label…perfect for Valentine’s Day!
“You’ve experimented. You’ve discovered what you like. And what you don’t. 
What makes you happy. What satisfies your soul. It’s how you found the one. 
The one that made you say, ‘Sorry, I’m with Cabernet.’
When you’ve met the love of your life, is there really any reason to keep looking?”
What will be in your glass tonight?
Try one of these….
Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa, California
Average price: $12
Alcohol: 13.5%
Aroma: Dark berry scents with notes of cherry and raspberry
Taste: Dark fruit flavors with strong traces of plum and spice 
Pairings and thoughts: Aside from the sexy and seductive label, this would a nice wine to share on Valentine’s Day with that special someone. Very affordable…good value for the price! Pairs terrific with a steak dinner, some dark chocolate or sip it alone. Smooth finish. Not too oaky.  
Wine Maker’s Blend
(Syrah, Zinfandel, Merlot)
Average price: $10
Alcohol: 13.1%
Aroma: Notes of red berries, vanilla, even butterscotch
Taste: Berry flavors with a slight cherry tartness followed by traces of chocolate 
Pairings and thoughts: Another sexy looking label for Valentine’s Day…this wine is one of our favorites! Named after Apotheca, a place in Europe where wine was blended and stored back in the 13 century. It’s no secret we love blends but in this particular one you can taste all three varietals. The wine is smooth, silky and semi-sweet. Heaven in a bottle. Pairs great with steak or burgers, firm cheeses, like cheddar, or some dark grapes or chocolate. It is one of our favorites to sip on by itself. Highly recommend it!  
Mendoza, Argentina
Average price: Under $10
Alcohol: 13.5%
Aroma: Scents of blueberry and cherry with Earthy notes
Taste: Dark fruit flavors, particularly plum, with strong traces of chocolate and oak.  
Pairings and thoughts: The Cupcake name and label make a very affordable and nice Valentine’s or Birthday gift idea. Cupcake Vineyards continue to make more than decent wines for a great price. The Malbec is velvety and intense and pairs perfectly with the traditional Argentine steak dinner.   
The End.
~Vino & Vintage
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