Wine Lovers and Foodies Link-up

Welcome to our Wine Lovers & Foodies Link-up! 

Join us this first Wednesday-Friday of the month as we toast to making some new friends!
The Link-up rules are simple:
1. Enter and Link-up through any URL where you would like to gain more following: your Blog, a specific Post, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can link up more than once.
2. Follow your hosts, Vino & Vintage, through Facebook and Twitter. Leave us a comment letting us know you stopped by and we always follow back. 
3. Finally, visit at least one of the other participants on the link-up and support them through one of their social medias.  
Remember, to follow back!
The point is to network and share the love! 😉
Have a Happy Wine Wednesday and Foodie Friday…

2 comments on “Wine Lovers and Foodies Link-up

  1. following your blog,love wine my blogs about food and wine please check it out http://www.cookingtherecipe.com

  2. Thanks so much for linking up. We had a glitch in the link-up but it's up now! 😉

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