Philly Flower Show 2013 and Some Vino

The 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show took place March 2nd-March 10th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. This year’s theme: Brilliant! A look at the elaborate scenes and beautiful flowers and you felt transported to and immersed in the traditions and diversity of the UK. We attended on a Thursday, expecting it to be a little less crowded. Boy, were we wrong. The beauty of Britain was clearly a big hit this year! It was a little trying to get around the crowds and attempt to capture the brilliance on camera. If you have never attended a Philly Flower Show though, it’s a must if you’re in the area. Here are some exhibits that we found breathtaking (more pics at end of post):
We returned to the Flower Show on Saturday the 9th…this time, instead of flowers, we were in search of wine! Yeah, that’s right, we said wine. 😉 Those who have attended the Flower Show in the past know that Fine Wine & Good Spirits has been a long time presence at the event. They offer wine tastings and bottles for sale in the festival village area located in front of the show’s main entrance.  There are always a few celebrity appearances at the show, as well. Well this year we had the pleasure of meeting Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York. Guests had the opportunity to purchase her new line of Sangiovese-Merlot wine, as well as her Pinot Grigio ($12.99 each) then have the bottle(s) signed by Ramona and get a picture snapped with her too. It was fun to see and hear fans excitement at meeting her. We heard, “She looks better in person than on T.V.!” quite a few times. We have to agree.
While we aren’t die hard fans of the show, it’s no secret we won’t pass up the chance to try some vino. We were able to sample both the Ramona Red and White wines. The 2011 Pinot Grigio and the 2010 Sangivoese Merlot are both very light wines. The Pinot Grigio has a citrus kick that is pleasant and refreshing. The red has a smooth, light fruity aroma and taste. We would recommend these wines to those who are not big wine drinkers, trying wine for the first time, or enjoy a light young vino. They would also work great in a Sangria recipe this Summer.
Aside from being a fellow wine lover, we also share a love of fashion with Ramona. The lady knows how important it is to accessorize! This savvy businesswoman has a successful jewelry line, True Faith, an Amazon Store, Ramona Singer Collections, and has been featured on HSN. She also has a successful skincare line and is very passionate about giving to charity. For more info or to shop for Ramona Wines or Jewelry, visit her website: Ramona Singer
The highlight of the day was when we introduced ourselves and she asked if we were in fashion. Maybe it was the shoes and accessories? Regardless, we’ll take the compliment! 😉
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The End.
~Vino & Vintage

4 comments on “Philly Flower Show 2013 and Some Vino

  1. Am dying that you got to meet Ms. Singer. I would like to try her wines if she has any left since it seems like she always has a glass of pino in her hand no matter the time of day. lol Oh by the way, love the heels!! The Flower show looked like a good time and thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Jackie…it was a good time. 🙂 You know you can order her wines online. We're so glad we got to get a bottle because they don't sell them in PA otherwise. Boo! Some of these wine/alcohol laws really need to change asap! Thanks for stopping by. Have a fab Friday!

  3. This looks like a wonderful event! Although I am a fan of RHONY, I am not a fan of Ramona, but I will try anyone’s wine!

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