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MidAtlantic Wine and Food 2013

The MidAtlantic Wine & Food Festival took place March 6-10th this year. While it’s not the first year for the event, 2013 put this Wine & Food fest on the map along with the others. This year the MidAtlantic more than tripled their number to 44 events to choose from. They all took place throughout Delaware with the focal points being the Festival Village in Rodney Square and The Hotel Dupont across the street from it in Wilmington. We were lucky enough to attend 3 of the events and you can enjoy a slideshow of all the pictures from this fun weekend at the end of our post.

We attended one of the brand new events this year, Champagne & Caviar. This is something different from our usual chocolate or cheese wine pairings, so we were excited. Ever since the holidays, we have been making it a point to experiment more with sparkling wines. We also were looking forward to some Carter Caviar. Half of Vino & Vintage had never tried caviar before so this seemed like the perfect event.
We arrived in Wilmington Delaware, another first for both of us. The hotel is beautiful. The décor, chandeliers, even the ceilings all have a very glamorous, vintage appeal…just our style. Speaking of style, we had debated at length about what to wear. While Champagne and Caviar has a ritzy sound to it, we definitely did not want to overdress. We finally opted for the stylish blouse, blazer and black pants look. Nude and black heels with some fabulous accessories complemented the outfits perfectly. 😉 On to the food and drinks…
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