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Eclectic Mediterranean at Mirna’s Cafe


A few weeks ago we opted for a nice quiet evening in the nearby suburban area of Abington, PA. We had come across Mirna’s Café on other reviews and finally decided to give it a try. There is also a Mirna’s in Blue Bell, but we visited the Jenkintown location. Smack in the middle of busy Old York Rd, we now consider this eclectic Mediterranean BYOB a hidden little gem. Luckily we made reservations because when we arrived at 7 pm, there was a line of people waiting to be seated. By the way, parking was not bad for a Friday night…there are several meters and lots around.

Inside, it definitely has a small café vibe to it, maybe a little more upscale, but still causal.  It almost made us feel like we had escaped to a little European café for dinner.  Service was excellent. The waiter and owner checked up on us several times and were very patient and friendly with us….even when we kept on drinking well past closing time. (They close at 10pm which is pretty much the standard time in the suburbs for most restaurants on a Friday night.) While we ate dinner they also were nice enough to chill our bottle of bubbly.

IMAG4457 modified

We have to mention that the menu is a bit too lengthy, making it difficult to make a choice. We stuck to some of our usual dishes. To start, we ordered the Mediterranean Como appetizer plate. WOW! We would go back just for this dish.  This big platter was full of fresh of Humus, baba ghanouj, roasted peppers, grilled portabella mushrooms, grilled eggplant, greens and feta. Delicious.


We then ordered the mussels in red. The mussels were very fresh and tasty but the sauce needed a little kick. We asked for some hot sauce…problem solved.

We were getting pretty full already so we decided to share a salad. They kindly split it for us and when they brought it out, we were relieved we chose to share. Look at the size of this half salad…


Mirna’s Salad contains mixed greens tossed with Asparagus, cucumber, tomato, roasted peppers, orange, melon and topped with goat cheese and the Chef’s pick-of-the-day dressing, which in our case was a light, raspberry vinegarette. Simply amazing.



There was once disappointment for the night and sadly, it came at the end…


We never dine out and not have dessert. They were out of the Tiramisu we had wanted to try so we opted for the Chocolate Lava cake. We knew it wasn’t good when they brought it out in no more then 5 minutes. One bite in and we had to send it back. Who microwaves a lava cake???? The waiter confirmed our disappointment and then decides to tell us the creme brulee is their best dessert? We had kind of anticipated he would suggest swapping out the dessert for us or taking the lava cake off the bill, but no such luck. We would’ve complained but it was closing time and we didn’t want to take for granted the rest of our experience. We crossed the street to the Drake and ended our night with an awful Chocolate Caramel  Martini.

While we basically stuck to the first page of Mirna’s menu, we are glad we did because we were stuffed. Portions are big so you have to go with an appetite. Prices are very reasonable for what you get. Appetizers and salads are under $10 and entrees are under $20. We definitely plan on going back and sampling some other items on the menu. Maybe we’ll visit the Blue Bell location.

Mirna's Cafe on Urbanspoon

If you’re looking for a casual, yet nice BYOB dinner experience and a break from the chaotic city, we recommend you give Mirna’s Café a try.


The End.

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