Perfect Wine & Food Escapes

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Perfect Wine and Food Escapes (Guest Post)

When it comes to wine, there is truly nothing else that matches it better than the food of the region where the grapes are cultivated.

To the wine traveller, wine travel always comes with the love for food and with Winerist we spend the time to uncover those regions which make wine and food escapes truly perfect.

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Puglian Flavour Explosions

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There are few places around the world which treat the marriage between the wine and produce of their region with as much love and passion as Puglia. Here, you will find the secrets of the Cucina Povera from making Panzarotti, Orechiette and mastering bread making to perfection. In the evening, after a  visit to Ostuni or Polignano al Mare, where you would have tasted some more olive oil and local bread, you will return to your villa where a real Italian Mama will make delicious meatballs served with home made pasta with wines made of the wonderful Negroamaro grape. Here you can also sail your way through flavours at the Masserie di Puglia or enjoy a relaxing afternoon Cooking with the Mama yourselves!

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The Surprising Flavours of Santorini

Santorini 1

Due to its volcanic soil the island of Santorini is most certainly a place to visit for the food and wine it always delivers. Santorini does not shy away from flavours. It embraces the wealth of its soil the minerality which is perfectly transposed into wines and it takes cooking to its source. Discover the food of Santorini through our Cooking and Tasting experience. To be immersed into relaxation and luxury, book yourself into one of our Top Villas and enjoy a Gastronomic Experience taking in some of the most beautiful views in the world. Or simply sip some wine made of Assyrtiko grapes as you unwind in the pool at sunset.

Santorini 2

For the Love of Steak and Malbec


For those of you who have not been to Mendoza yet, us Winerists can only say that wine travel was most probably perfected there. The air of this region, the beauty of the Andes Mountains and the fact that life takes a completely different pace here, are just some of the reasons you should visit Mendoza. The wine of the region is as rich as its heritage and its food is as beautiful and promising with flavours as its nature. Try our Mendoza Gourmet Tour to give your taste buds a real adventure. For a week of delightful visits to some of Mendoza’s best restaurants, including the famous Francis Mallman, try the 7 Day Wine and Culture Trail. Be amazed by the flavours of the regions and by its people. Here winemakers will teach you about the love of food and wine with so much passion, you will only want to come back for more.

temp_file_October_Mendoza_Harvest_Wine_Tour1-880x455Wine travel is always about the love story between wine and food. Its most surprising aspect is finding the taste of the meat of the region in the wine it makes and the herbaceous flavours of its nature in the white wines it delivers. With Winerist we are always looking for the next best thing and we keep on discovering destinations which will give our taste buds the experience they are longing for!

~Written by Diana Isac, Co-Founder at Winerist


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  1. I am in love with the photos on this blog post and your blog as a whole. Lovely!

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