Philly Wine & Food Fest 2013

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The New Philly Wine & Food Fest

Our second year at this great event and once again it was an epic night.  Presented by Philadelphia Magazine and Fine Wine & Good Spirits, with sponsors including Lexus and The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, the wine and food festival was held on Friday, May 10th 2013 at Lincoln Financial. VIP Tasting began at 5:30pm and tickets sold for $250. Ticket holders also received a $20 gift card to use at the on-site Wine & Spirits store. General admission Grand Tasting began at 7pm with tickets going for $125. This year the festival also added a Young Friends’ Tasting designed for those new to the world of wine. Tickets sold for $75 and included an Intro to Wine demonstration that began at 7pm. The night ended at 9:30pm.

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Upon entering the SCA Club Lounge at the Linc, we were instantly hit with the same overwhelming (in a good way) feeling we experienced last year. Table after table of wine, wine and more wine! Over 600!!! This year there was even a Perrier-Jouët Champagne Lounge – amazing bubbly and even a champagne glass to take home! We were beyond excited to be back in our element. 😉

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photo 2 (11) modifiedWith tasting notebooks and wine lists in one hand and glasses and cameras in the other, we stuck to last year’s strategy and started with an unknown vendor and a glass of white. This is where we have to give props to one of the favorites of the night. Carlos Miguel, a representative from Santa Rita Wines, talked to us a bit about Chilean wines and presented us with one of the best Sauvignon Blancs we have ever had!!  Simply amazing.



We were on a mad search for a new and yummy Moscato but we had some trouble finding any at all. We sampled maybe two, which was surprising with it being such a popular Spring/Summer wine. Regardless, there was plenty of vino, white and red, and bubbly to send you into a wine overdose. 

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photo 3 (7)One of the highlights of our wine ventures was running into some familiar faces and local favorites. Shout out to Penns Woods Winery and Crossing Vineyards! Great seeing you guys and meeting a few of you face-to-face for the first time. 😉 If you’ve never had or been, both wineries serve up some pretty amazing PA wines. As soon as we got to Penns Woods we knew it was time to switch on over to some red wine.

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Another shot out…this time to this lovely lady from the USA-Mendoza Valley Group. She promised the best Malbec and even challenged us to come back at the end of the night and let her know if she was right. We did and she was. 😉

In its 12th year, the biggest celebration of wine and food in Philly promised us a NEW Wine & Food Festival. We assume this was because up until now it has been known as the Philadelphia Wine Festival. We were anticipating some of Philly’s finest restaurants to represent, but have to say we were a little let down… 


CAM01598Last year, though it was a WINE festival, we just feel like there were better selections…and more food.  With less than 15 restaurants, the lines were just too long at most of them to get any food at all. Doc Magrogan’s Oyster’s House and Sbraga were amongst some of the well-known favorites. We sampled a seafood dish from Serrano. While it was beautiful, we hate to say it tasted just a little too fishy, if you know what we mean. For us, Chima Brazilian Steakhouse was where it was at. They were serving up some yummy meat skewers and their interactive booth featured a wheel to spin for a prize. The guys were also ready and willing for a photo opp. 😉   

CAM01645 modifiedThe Lexus Dessert Lounge was another plus. We complained a little that last year’s desserts were very limited. Someone was listening because this year we got to decorate our own cupcakes and splurge on other sweet treats from some well-known bakers, including: The Master’s Baker and Bredenbeck’s Bakery. We still think it would’ve been nice to also find just some basic chocolates to pair with our wines.  

Another obvious wine pairing would be with cheese. Well, again, someone must’ve heard our critiques from last year because this time iGourmet was there with two large tables of cheeses. We still think they could’ve used more! The lines were ridiculous and they ran out early. The cheese could’ve also been showcased better…maybe moved over to the dessert lounge? Oh, and what happened to the fruit they had last year?  Maybe we missed something because we were just too busy with the wine. 😉

Aside from the food, bubbly, endless amounts of wine, and just all-around great time, the night also served as a great cause. A silent auction took place throughout the event to benefit CHOP.  Items were donated by several of the participating restaurants and wineries.

An event like this is bound to bring out a diverse group of people, from 21 years old on up. This also makes it a great night to check out some interesting fashion. As usual, Vino & Vintage glammed it up with some sexy heels, nice pants, cute top and plenty of accessories to bling out our wine glasses.  While most people played it safe with comfy (aka frumpy) clothes and shoes, we were so happy to find peeps who just know how great it is to step out of the house on a Friday night, in a fabulous outfit, and WORK IT! Props to the ladies and gents that are bringing sexy back. 😉

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5 comments on “Philly Wine & Food Fest 2013

  1. I was there as well! Crazy amount of wine to try. Did you spit?

    • You were?! Ok, next winevent you have to let us know…would love to actually meet you. 😉 And…there were two unfortunate occasions where we both looked at each other and said, can’t believe we actually have to spit and waste this wine? Plenty to make up for it though! It was a great night wasn’t it?

  2. LOL…party pooper! Well maybe we can meet up at an upcoming event first so he doesn’t feel threatened by us. 😉 :-p

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