The American Dream at PYT


Last weekend we did something out of the ordinary. Instead of BBQing at home and sipping on sangrias on a beautiful warm Memorial day, we headed out for a casual late lunch/early dinner at The Piazza in Philly’s Northern Liberties ‘hood. We needed a break from the crazy week we had conquered and an All-American meal was in order…burgers and beers!

As simple as that may sound, we headed for PYT, where burgers are anything but ordinary. From a  Lasagna-Bun burger to Krispy Kreme Sliders?! Some people appreciate this, while others believe it’s just a way to complicate something that shouldn’t be. We happen to love the burger craze that’s been happening the last couple of years…and it shows no sign of slowing down (yet). We’d been looking for a reason to check out PYT, so this worked out great.

We were seated inside immediately, since everyone was eating outside on a beautiful day. It was quite breezy though and our diva-selves really didn’t want to deal with hair in our food. 😉


The bar was busy with people watching sports on the TVs. The colorful walls and booths gave the place a lively, good feel. The music was the best part….a mix of nostalgic 80s and 90s jams were playing. (Damn, we’re getting old!)

Then the menu…..oh the menu! How can we make a decision with all these creative, funky burgers calling our names. The one that stood out the most was the Quinoa burger. We definitely will have to return to give that a try. (Nothing wrong with Veggie’s wanting to partake in the Burger phenomenon.) Of course, we figured if we’re going to review a burger joint, we probably should order up some beef.


Choosing a beer was easy…I mean Raging Bitch? Yes, and proud of it, thank you. Ok, not really. 😉

We finally decided it was best to order up a classic…The PYT Cheeseburger with choice of fries. We decided some Chili Cheese Fries were in order. Look at the madness we received….

CAM01933 CAM01930

A custom-blend beef patty with sharp cheddar, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, roasted garlic-caramelized onion special sauce. At $9.50 a plate we think this is a great deal. We asked them to throw a fried egg on top too.  The bacon was yummy, the secret sauce was not bad, the egg was the perfect touch and the Chili fries were pretty damn good, but….where’s the beef??

We also decided to order one of the Hall of Fame Burgers. Introducing….


Fat Boy Monster…yikes! The name says it all…but we still gotta let you know: TWO beef patties, with THREE large onion rings, cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, roasted garlic-caramelized onion special sauce on a Le Bus Brioche Roll. Oh, and regular fries! At $13.50 this is an even better value considering we had to take some home. (We’re still kicking ourselves for not splitting this Fat Boy and ordering up one of the funkier burgers to try.)

The beef burgers were juicy and cooked right, but the only way to really get the flavors was to try some of the patty on its own. They are a little on the skimpy side for all the toppings that go along with them. We suggest you skip the regular burgers and go for one of the unique double patty creations. If you’re a true burger aficionado in Philly, you’ll want to join their burger of the month club.

While the vibe is laid back, and out of the norm for one of our usual “Ladies’ Foodie-Wine-Ohs” experiences, it was a welcomed break. Service was slow, but we didn’t mind as we were in no hurry…plus the server won us over when she started singing along to the music. We definitely plan to return and try out some of the crazy burgers.
PYT on Urbanspoon


Still keeping it fabulous, even with a patriotic casual look…
Red, White and Blue (toenails).
The End.

4 comments on “The American Dream at PYT

  1. Hey let me know as you try other burgers as they look good!!!! I enjoyed this post today.

  2. Thanks, we will! Glad you stopped by and we could connect. Love the name of your blog by the way! 😉

  3. We have been meaning to get over there, but are always concerned about parking, but this certainly helps to motivate to try out PYT. Great write-up!

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