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A Macaron Summer


Summer is in full swing….sun, water and a glass of white wine…all is perfect. Half of Vino & Vintage is currently vacationing in Southern California. We all know what that means, right?  Wine, Wine and more wine!  The variety of wine choices on the west coast is definitely something to envy.  At just about any grocery store you can find some incredibly affordable wines that you would probably be willing to pay more for.  Just the other day, Sprouts Market was offering a 2 for $10 special on our latest find….Macaron Vineyards Wine.  Not only do they have the cutest label ever, but these whites will impress you in the taste department as well.  They are definitely on our list of Great Summer Wines on a Budget…


Prosecco DOC
Vintage: 2011 
Alcohol: 11%
Average price: under $10
Winemaker’s Notes: Fresh aromas of white peaches mingle with long-lasting delicate bubbles.
Our Thoughts and Pairings:  We definitely got some fruity, fresh aromas. Flavor was on the sweeter side, but not overbearing.  The bubbles were also just right. This was a light and delicate Prosecco, perfect sip for a hot Summer poolside day. Wouldn’t use this in a cocktail…great all on its own.


Pinot Grigio
Vintage: 2011 
Average price: under $10
Alcohol: 12.5%
Winemaker’s Notes: Sophisticated aromas of fresh citrus and honeysuckle followed by a crisp, refreshing finish.
Our Thoughts and Pairings: Normally not pinot grigio fans, Macaron may have converted us.  The floral and citrus aromas were refreshing. This crisp, dry wine had a nice balance of flavors with a touch of sweetness that gave it a smooth finish.  Paired great with our seafood (scallops and shrimp) and veggie dinner.


Vintage: 2011 
Average price: under $10
Alcohol: 9.5%
Winemaker’s Notes: Sweet delicate aromas of honey, nectarines and wildflowers are followed by a soft lingering finish.
Our Thoughts and Pairings: It’s no secret we are big Moscato fans. However, we tend to find it difficult to find a good one at an affordable price. The Macaron Moscato  really caught us by surprise. The concoction of light, sweet, fruity and floral scents varied as much as its flavors. You could taste everything from tropical fruits to traces of caramel in this wine without being overwhelmed in any way. Great balance. Perfect as a toned down dessert wine or pair with some crackers and cheese for an impressive appetizer dish.

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