Wine Wednesday Whine


This week for Wine Wednesday things went a little differently than planned. We decided to try out one of the wines from Be Winery. The 2012 “Be. Flirty” pink moscato caught our attention for the usual reason…affordable price ($10 or less). While we always aim to bring you good wines on a budget, we’re not gonna lie….we’re definitely guilty of also buying wines because of their cute names or unique labels. This was no exception. The Be. wines have different names which are meant to be paired to your personality, but encourage you to venture out of your norm, as well. Very cute concept. Now, most of the time our intuition is pretty spot on when choosing a wine, either that or we’ve just been lucky. The wines end up being amazingly good and a great value for the price.  Well, every now and then we’re not so lucky…sadly, this was one of those times.  We wanted to love it, we really did. The wine label description just seemed so fun and promising…
“This tastefully gregarious gem is decked out and ready to get noticed with its playfully pink color. Its sweet berry flavors allure your palate with a friendly approach that mesmerizes as delicate notes dance to the playlist of fun rotating ’round a shiny disco ball in your head.”

Enough of that…in our opinion, the wine was flat, weak and lacked flavor…what a disappointment! Just can’t judge a book by its cover…or a wine by its label. Oh well, there are plenty more wines on the shelves. Regardless, we’ll make sure to give the other three Be. varieties a fair shot and report back soon. Cheers! Happy WW!

2 comments on “Wine Wednesday Whine

  1. I’m totally guilty of buying wines with cute labels every once in awhile… and have also learned not to judge based on labels alone. Sometimes the trusted names and boring labels are your safest bets! Looking forward to hearing about some of the other Be. wines – maybe this one was the only dud!

  2. You’re right…makes you think the cute labels might be trying to make up for something else! Still, can’t help it sometimes. 😉 Thanks for sharing and we’ll definitely let you know how the others are. Cheers!

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