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A Wine Riot in NYC!

This past weekend Vino & Vintage took New York!

The reason? Wine Riot NYC 2013, of course.

The 2-day event kicked off on Friday evening, September 20th, and took place at 69th Regiment Armory in Manhattan.  We made it over on Saturday for one of the two sessions available, 1pm-5pm or 7pm-11pm.  Tickets sold for $60.  With over 45 wine booths and over 300 wines, it was well worth it!

Along with plenty of wine tasting, the event also provided educational booths, Wine 101, and a new Bubbly Bar.  We sat in on one of the Bordeaux seminars and sampled some whites and reds.  We also ventured over to the Bubbly Bar and had a nice crisp Prosecco. To add to the fun and variety of the day,  there were also fake wine tattoos, music, a photo booth and Instagram station.  There was also some food available for purchase.  A bit more eats variety, perhaps some complimentary crackers and fruit would have been an added bonus, (especially with four hours of wine sipping!) but we did happen to have some amazing fresh oysters from Brooklyn Oyster Party!  We had been looking forward to the cheese that was going to be provided, but unfortunately the crew was unable to make it. Oh well, next time!


This is definitely not your typical wine tasting. We’ve been to some pretty extravagant tastings and they can be very intimidating or uptight. The founders of Wine Riot, Morgan and Tyler, have created an interactive experience that makes learning about wine cooler than ever.  Everything about the event was hip, casual and fun. No fuss.  No wine snobs.  Just a guaranteed good time. The coolest part of the event, was the free app you could download to your phone, making it super easy to keep a log and vote for your favorite wines.  We had some nice wines from Portugal, Chile and California, and some not so great wines from France and the US. Regardless, it was a great time with a little bit of something for any wine lover.

The Wine Riot 2013 US tour began in Boston back in April.  It then headed to Chicago and San Francisco, and most recently NYC. This coming weekend, Wine Riot will be in D.C. and back in Boston in October. The tour will end in Los Angeles, CA on Nov. 9th.  If you’re near any of these major cities, you don’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to get together with some fellow wine lovers, celebrate, and have a fabulous time.

WE HAVE A SPECIAL REQUEST…..BRING WINE RIOT TO PHILADELPHIA!!!!!! Philly is more than ready for this type of event. 🙂

For more info, tour dates, and to purchase tickets, visit the Second Glass Wine Riot Website.

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

Enjoy the slideshow of our Wine Riot experience…cheers!

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One comment on “A Wine Riot in NYC!

  1. We wish someone would bring the Riot to Rhode Island!

    XO RTC

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