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Wagonhouse, A South Jersey Winery


Last weekend we made it over to Wagonhouse Winery in New Jersey for a Wine Tasting. We had sampled a couple of their wines last year at the Vintage South Jersey Fall Wine and Beer Fest. With unique flavors, fruits, and names, we were anxious to see the winery and try all 18 of their wines! The weather was perfect and the grapes were still on the vines, ready for harvest. The vineyards and grounds are so beautiful and peaceful, with both indoor and outdoor tasting rooms.  The place was quite busy, but people really seemed to be enjoying themselves…and the wine. We definitely did! Paired with some cheese and chocolate, it was the perfect Autumn afternoon. We highly recommend you visit Wagonhouse Winery if you’re close to the area and in the mood to try some truly delicious and unique wines from a family-owned vineyard and winery. On Saturdays and Sundays they even offer $5 tastings!  For more info on the winery, the wine trail (there are 7 wines in this part of South Jersey all within 10 minutes of each other!) and monthly events ,visit the Wagonhouse Winery Website or the Vintage South Jersey Website. ‘Tis the season for harvest and many fun wine events!


Traditional Dry Wines:

1. Chardonnay, 2010…Crisp, clean, very nice ***

2. Pinot Gris, 2010…Super light, average pinot **

3. Barbera…a cross b/w cab and merlot***

4. Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012….super stinky, did not taste like a traditional cab *

5. Merlot, 2012…dry and bold, full of flavor, favorite of the traditionals *****

Semi-Sweet/Sweet Wines:

1. Peach Table Wine, semi-sweet…smelled delicious, light and fruity***

2. Strawberry Table Wine, sweet….like a strawberry shortcake but not too sweet. Perfect dessert****

3. Apple Table Wine, semi-sweet…the grown-up apple juice***

4. Blueberry Table Wine, semi-sweet…smelled of potpourri, ripe blueberry flavors***

Three Boys Brand:

1. Fallen Quaker…chocolate, coffee and lavender fusion ***

2. Jersey Girl…citrus and vanilla, like a creamsicle, a bit stinky at first**

3. Ornery Apple…the grown up apple cider, perfect for the holidays****

4. Make Me Blush…cherry and vanilla, slightly sweet***

5. Shore Thing…mango, jersey peaches, and coconut, you’d think it’s a ready-made sangria!***

6. Sundance…Jersey peaches and local honey with a touch of almond**

7. Sweet Love…blueberries and pomegranates, a little more tart than sweet**

8. Peck’s Bad Boy…apples on the nose, cranberries on the tongue****


The newest member of Wagonhouse Wines and our absolute favorite…

AUTUMN GODDESS…apples and PUMPKIN wine? yeah, nuff said! *****

Wagonhouse Winery is best known for its Three Boys Brand and Award wining Blueberry wine. In fact, many New Jersey wineries have some pretty amazing and unique wines. On Nov. 2nd and 3rd, you’ll have the chance to sample many of these wines at The 4th Annual Grape Adventure at Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari in NJ. We went last year and it was a great time! For only $20 you can experience over 14 local wineries and vineyards, live music, food & craft vendors. For $45 you can even go on a Safari Tour and try some exclusive wines.  This is a great and fun way to sample many of the Vintage South Jersey wines. For more info and tickets visit the Six Flags website.



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