2014 Food Trends

We ran across some fun foodie facts this past week and thought we’d share. Apparently, fish offal is so last year. (Yeah, somehow we missed that 2013 trend too.) Instead, according the the National Restaurant Association, most of us will be grazing on uncommon herbs and hybrid desserts made with natural sweetners. Oh, and kale continues to dominate trendy menus. Still not quite sure how chocolate covered bacon can ever go out of style or why they’d take out the fun from kids’ food. (They can both be life savers!)

According to FNCE trends, if you’re looking to eat healthier this year, you’ll be sneaking veggies into your cookies, getting your protein from peas, swapping nuts for hemp, and spicing up your pretzels. (Fruit Shredz? Anyone?) While some of these new trends are a step in the right direction to good health, don’t know about you, but some good ole cheesesteak and fries sound pretty good right about now.

What do you think about these 2014 culinary forecasts?

We’re just a little surprised, yet relieved, wine didn’t make any of these lists. 😉

4 comments on “2014 Food Trends

  1. Thanks for sharing. I can’t believe that bacon-flavored chocolate is over, and I never had any!! On the other hand, small plates have been big in my area for several years now. Glad to know I’m not behind on everything. lol

  2. I’m always open to what’s new, but I’m not liking the new trends. Tho I’m wondering why small plates are considered in and tapas/dimsum are cooling off. Aren’t they same concept?

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