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Spice It Up!

wpid-picsart_1405118793299_wm.jpgWe may be in the middle of a hot Summer, but that’s no reason to prevent ourselves from indulging in some red wine. Even better, why not make it some red spiced wine?! We were recently given the opportunity to sample SPICED Wine from Spicy Vines. While mulled wine may be something commonly found during the holidays, Spicy Vines introduces us to a new kind of wine inspired by ancient traditions that can be enjoyed any time of year. We also happen to love their sexy website and photos. 😉

SPICED Wine is a blend of California Zinfandel, Syrah, Petite Syrah and Grenache, combined with Brandy and infused with fruit and spices that are good for you!  Best of all, it is made with all-natural and local ingredients using green and sustainable practices.

The bottle’s instructions recommend sipping it as is from a wine glass, or warming it up and serving it in a mug. As soon as we opened the bottle, the aromas of clove and nutmeg won us over. At first sip, we also noticed notes of fruit and pepper and found it surprisingly smooth. We then warmed up the wine to compare. Immediately we were overwhelmed with feelings of Thanksgiving, craving turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. While we both agreed we preferred the wine at room temperature, the traces of orange and other fruits gave us an even better idea for the future….Spiced Wine Sangria! We’ll let you know how that turns out. 😉

For more info and to get your own bottle of Spiced Wine, visit the Spicy Vines Website, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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