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Philly’s Best Bloody Mary goes to…


On Sunday, October 19th we attended the very 1st Bloody Mary Festival in Philly held at the popular piano bar Howl at the Moon. The event brought together some of the city’s most popular bars and restaurants as they served up the best Bloody Marys on their menu. The morning of the festival we were asked to fill in as judges and we were more than happy to oblige. However, choosing the most creative as well as best bloody mary was no easy task….fun and tasty, but not easy. Everyone brought their A game on. After much debate and careful consideration we turned in our ballots. All guests were able to vote for their own favorite Bloody Mary for the coveted “People’s Choice” Award. Our votes and the majority were not too far off…


The Best Bloody Mary in Philadelphia goes to….

1st Place Winner: Jones!

2nd Place: Ela

3rd Place: Dog and Bull Brewhouse

The People’s Choice Award goes to….

Winner: Dog and Bull Brewhouse!

Runner up: Jones

While we loved all the bloodies mentioned above, we were a little surprised not to find Garces Trading Company on the list. We definitely agreed their Bloody Mary to be most creative, with best presentation and combination of flavors. Our top 3 picks….


The Bloody Mary Festival had its start this year in NYC and made its way to San Francisco and back over to the east coast in Philly. It was a great afternoon filled with live music, snacks and brunch bites, good people and great bloody mary’s. We are looking forward to see what the future holds for this unique and fun event. To keep up with future festival date and cities follow The Bloody Mary Liberation Party on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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